My Life Told in a Series of Bizarre Short Stories.

Strange things happen to me.

i can’t wait to explore caves in Crete, Greece and frolic in the clear water!

i can’t wait to explore caves in Crete, Greece and frolic in the clear water!

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all i do at the gym is squat hahaha
20 days!!!!

20 days!!!!

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aliens and pizza!!! fuck yeah!!!

aliens and pizza!!! fuck yeah!!!

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a friend texted me…

"Whatever God brings you to, he will bring you through."  Thanks Katie :) <3 

Good words to live by. “God didn’t promise days without pain, laughter without sorrow, sun without rain, but he did promise strength for the day, comfort for your tears and light for the way.”  

Life is full of surprises, some of them pleasant and some of them unpleasant.  Take the bad surprises and run with them, think of them as challenges.  Because, truth be…all the bad shit thrown our way, only makes us stronger. 

Cherish every moment of everyday and tell your friends that you love them and mean it because everyone should be loved. 

love to you all!


Kaya Mawa - Likoma Island, Malawi

One of the most charming places to stay in Malawi, Kaya Mawa offers all the plush comforts of a five-star resort: a secluded location on the tiny Likoma Island, dreamy food, pristine sandy beaches, water activities galore, and luxury accommodation in 11 individually crafted units. Voted by Conde Nast one of the “Most Romantic Places in the World”, the cottage features two rustic-inspired family beach chalets, two pool houses decked out in stone and a couple of private villas, all of them festooned with chic, locally-sourced handmade furnishings.


BEAUTIFUL! would love to visit!